Winning papers for the student paper contest in NCSP'15

  1. Paper ID:27
    Title: Congestion Degree Estimation for Railway Using Wireless LAN Control Frames
    Winner: Takayuki Yamakawa (Sophia University)
  2. Paper ID:31
    Title: Phase Separation Dynamics in Multi-component System
    Winner: Shinji Sumitani (NIT, Anan College)
  3. Paper ID:62
    Title: Adaptive Optimization of Embedding Parameters by Minimizing Prediction Risk
    Winner: Megumi Yokouchi (Ibaraki University)
  4. Paper ID:64
    Title: Task Performances of Mobile Robot with Behavior Control Algorithm Based on Human's Decision-making Skills
    Winner: Takuya Matsumoto (The University of Tokushima)
  5. Paper ID:67
    Title: Ball Trajectory Extraction in Team Sports Videos by Focusing on Ball Holder Candidates for the Play Search & 3D Virtual Display System
    Winner: Junji Kurano (Keio University)
  6. Paper ID:68
    Title: Multi-zone Sound Field Reproduction Algorithm Based on Spherical Harmonic Analysis
    Winner: Taku Shimizu (Tohoku University)
  7. Paper ID:69
    Title: Development of Voice Recognition Input Technology for Blind Navigation System
    Winner: Anuar bin Mohamed Kassim (The University of Tokushima)
  8. Paper ID:80
    Title: Improved Colorization Algorithm Using Lp Norm Minimization
    Winner: Kazunori Uruma (Tokyo University of Science)
  9. Paper ID:84
    Title: Proposal of Turbo-Coded Differential OOK for Optical IM/DD System
    Winner: Sachin Rai (Ibaraki University)
  10. Paper ID:86
    Title: Human-like Image Manipulation Detection Using Morphological Pattern Spectrum
    Winner: Kyosuke Kageyama (Ritsumeikan University)
  11. Paper ID:88
    Title: Effectiveness of Averaged Learning Subspace Method for Application to Coronary Plaque Tissue Classification
    Winner: Shinichi Miwa (Yamaguchi University)
  12. Paper ID:94
    Title: Two-level Pipeline Structure of Particle Swarm Optimization
    Winner: Ke Fan (Waseda University)
  13. Paper ID:106
    Title: A Blind Watermarking Scheme Based on Combined Complex Transforms
    Winner: Takeshi Okino (Ehime University)
  14. Paper ID:120
    Title: Tactile Glove Using SMA Wires for Presenting Pseudo-tactile Sensations in VR Space
    Winner: Yoshiaki Iwatani (Kagawa University)
  15. Paper ID:124
    Title: Stability of Asynchronous Firing Induced by Lognormally Distributed Inhibitory Connections
    Winner: Hisashi Kada (Ritsumeikan University)
  16. Paper ID:125
    Title: A Segmental Bayes to Estimate Model Parameters from Neuronal Spike Trains with Complicated Dynamics
    Winner: Huu Hoang (Ritsumeikan University)
  17. Paper ID:127
    Title: Automatic Alignment System for the Projection Mapping
    Winner: Tomohiro Kaneda (Keio University)
  18. Paper ID:136
    Title: Verification of Expansion of Body Schema Induced by TENS on Driving
    Winner: Noriko Kimura (Tokyo Denki University)
  19. Paper ID:142
    Title: Circuit Implementation of Controlling Chaos Using Pseudo Periodic Orbit
    Winner: Shota Mano (Tokushima University)
  20. Paper ID:165
    Title: Tracking Roadside Signage Observed by Drivers
    Winner: Katsuya Sakoyama (Nagoya University)
  21. Paper ID:166
    Title: Bifurcations and Phase Differences of Nonlinear Coupled Dictyostelium System
    Winner: Kenji Hishikawa (Tokushima University)
  22. Paper ID:170
    Title: Analysis of Bifurcation Phenomena in a Circuit with Multiple Inputs
    Winner: Takahiro Hiramure (Oita University)
  23. Paper ID:173
    Title: All-Optical OFDM Receiver Using an Odd-Even Separator Based on Double Mach-Zender Interferometers and Optical Switching
    Winner: Hiroki Harada (Tokyo University of Science)
  24. Paper ID:174
    Title: All-optical Noise Suppression by QD-SOA based MZI
    Winner: Yuma Furuya (Tokyo University of Science)
  25. Paper ID:187
    Title: Iterative Multi-cell Channel Estimation for Inter-cell Interference Suppression
    Winner: Taisuke Abe (Chiba Institute of Technology)
  26. Paper ID:198
    Title: Improving Predictive Power and Risk Reduction of the Portfolio Models Based on Principal Component Analysis
    Winner: Kazuki Yanagisawa (Ibaraki University)
  27. Paper ID:201
    Title: Influence of Acoustic Intensity on Decellularization Using Sonication Treatment
    Winner: Mohammad Shafiq (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
  28. Paper ID:204
    Title: Visceral Fat Accumulation Influenced Blood Flow Velocity in Hypertensive Subjects
    Winner: Zulaika Hamdon (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
  29. Paper ID:211
    Title: Construction of an Efficient Node Joining Protocol for Cluster-Based Cognitive Radio Ad-Hoc Network
    Winner: Nafees Mansoor (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
  30. Paper ID:216
    Title: Sliding Mode Fuzzy Controller for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle under Determine Disturbances
    Winner: Vina Putranti (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)