RISP International Workshop on
Nonlinear Circuits, Communications and Signal Processing 2016
Honolulu, Hawaii, March 6 - 9, 2016.
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Student Paper Award

Winning papers for the student paper contest in NCSP'16.

1. Paper ID: 1
  Title: PSK and QAM Classification by Likelihood under Unknown SNR Condition
  Winner: Shinji Nishijima (Osaka City University)
2. Paper ID: 7
  Title: Electromagnetic Analysis for a Lightweight Block Cipher PRESENT in Frequency Domain
  Winner: Yusuke Nozaki (Meijo University)
3. Paper ID: 15
  Title: Non-Contact and Non-Invasive Swallowing Function Evaluation System by Adam's Apple Tracking
  Winner: Ayaka Tomonari (Keio University)
4. Paper ID: 18
  Title: Total p-powered Variation Approach to Intra-Frame Super-Resolution
  Winner: Mitsuhiro Komiya (Kogakuin University)
5. Paper ID: 33
  Title: Interactive directivity control using dodecahedron loudspeaker array
  Winner: Kazuna Bando (The University of Electro-Communications)
6. Paper ID: 42
  Title: Anomalous Behavior Detection in Videos based on Deformable Part Models
  Winner: Tamotsu Sugimoto (Kobe University)
7. Paper ID: 44
  Title: Noise Reduction for Medical Tomographic Images based on Locally Weighted Averaging
  Winner: Yu Kato (Kobe University)
8. Paper ID: 50
  Title: A study on quality improvement of HMM-based synthesized voices using asymmetric bilinear model
  Winner: Tuan Anh Dinh (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
9. Paper ID: 51
  Title: Impact of Improved On-Off-Keyed Turbo-Code System in Optical Wireless Channel
  Winner: Yuto Matsuda (Ibaraki University)
10. Paper ID: 52
  Title: Data-Rate-Enhanced Optical-Wireless Code-Shift-Keying System Having Two-Stage Demodulation
  Winner: Shota Takayanagi (Ibaraki University)
11. Paper ID: 65
  Title: Detection of Abnormal Stock Prices with Autoencoder
  Winner: Hiroyuki Gotou (Ibaraki University)
12. Paper ID: 66
  Title: Diagnosis System for Abnormal Respiratory Sound Using Divided Pulmonary Sound Wave
  Winner: Yuki Nakagawa (Tokyo Denki University)
13. Paper ID: 71
  Title: Study on IIR Implementation for Modulation Transfer Function of Room Impulse Response
  Winner: Yuta Kashihara (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
14. Paper ID: 72
  Title: Study on Effects of Speech Production during Delayed Auditory Feedback for Air-conducted and Bone-Conducted Speech
  Winner: Teruki Toya (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
15. Paper ID: 91
  Title: Investigation on Power Control Algorithm in Our Previously Reported Joint Control Method of Autonomous Cell Association and Power Control for Heterogeneous Networks
  Winner: Soya Matsui (Tokyo University of Science)
16. Paper ID: 98
  Title: Evaluation of robustness of the SENZI 3D sound space acquisition system using a spherical microphone array
  Winner: Yuuto Wada (Tohoku University)
17. Paper ID: 106
  Title: A Hardware Architecture of CORDIC with Improved Rotation Strategy
  Winner: Yu Zhang (Waseda University)
18. Paper ID: 115
  Title: Investigation of Teleoperation Support System Using Environmental Recognition Sensors for Three-Parallel-Crawler-Type Mobile Robot
  Winner: Mizuki Higashi (Tokushima University)
19. Paper ID: 125
  Title: A Study of Dimming scheme for Digital Color Shift Keying
  Winner: Naoya Murata (Tokyo University of Science)
20. Paper ID: 130
  Title: An Effective Construction Algorithm for Steiner Tree Problem Based on Edge Betweenness
  Winner: Misa Fujita (Nippon Institute of Technology)
21. Paper ID: 133
  Title: Differencial-OOK System for Underwater Visible light Communications
  Winner: Mitsuru Saotome (Tokyo University of Science)
22. Paper ID: 136
  Title: Investigation of Firefly Algorithm Distinguishing between Males and Females for Minimum Optimization Problems
  Winner: Masaki Takeuchi (Tokushima University)
23. Paper ID: 139
  Title: Multiple Access based on Coded Spatial Modulation
  Winner: Megumi Fukuma (Kagawa University)
24. Paper ID: 152
  Title: Behavior of Artificial Slime Mould Model and Its Application
  Winner: Masafumi Uemura (Kagawa University)
25. Paper ID: 153
  Title: Synchronization of Chaotic Oscillators by Natural Environmental Noises
  Winner: Hiroyuki Yasuda (Tokyo University of Science)
26. Paper ID: 155
  Title: Evaluation of Ternary Content Addressable Memory with Individuality on FPGA
  Winner: Shinya Kimura (Ritsumeikan University)
27. Paper ID: 160
  Title: Design of Low Power AFE Circuit Supporting IR Array Sensor for Human Detection
  Winner: Shota Ueguchi (Ritsumeikan University)
28. Paper ID: 164
  Title: Application to the disaster preventionwith the sensor network
  Winner: Ayaka Fukushige (Daiichi Institute of Technology)
29. Paper ID: 169
  Title: Optimization of DSM Sampling Frequency and Interleaving Frequency for Bi-level Quadrature-modulation EPWM Transmitter
  Winner: Takashi Noda (Tokyo University of Science)
30. Paper ID: 171
  Title: Synchronization State of Chaotic Circuit Containing Time Delay in One Direction
  Winner: Seiya Kita (Tokushima University)
31. Paper ID: 174
  Title: A Study on Directional Repair of Infeasible Solutions for Multi-Objective Knapsack Problems
  Winner: Minami Miyakawa (The University of Electro-Communications)
32. Paper ID: 187
  Title: PSF Estimation for Restoration of Zoom-Blurred Endoscope Images
  Winner: Kenshi Otsuzumi (Meiji University)
33. Paper ID: 192
  Title: All-Optical Error Correcting System Using (7,4) Hamming Code
  Winner: Keiichi Iwamoto (Tokyo University of Science)