Student Paper Award

Winning papers for the student paper contest in NCSP'20.

  1. Speech Enhancement Based on Deep Neural Networks Considering Features of Speech Distribution
    Paper ID:20, Naoki Tominaga (Saitama University)
  2. A Study on Reduction of Inter-symbol Interference in DS-CDMA IVC based on Location Oriented Code Allocation
    Paper ID:40, Shohei Fukatsu (Tokyo University of Science)
  3. Image Sharpening for Blurred Images with Multiple Processes by Using Cellular Neural Networks
    Paper ID:41, Kodai Kitamura (Tokushima University)
  4. Anomaly detection in mechanical vibration using combination of signal processing and autoencoder
    Paper ID:48, Ayaka Matsui (Gifu University)
  5. Effecft of transport delay on charging/discharging dynamics of redox flow battery under load variation
    Paper ID:51, Shohei Fukatsu (Kyoto University)
  6. Sharp sound image construction with high sound quality based on sound blending using parametric and dynamic loudspeakers
    Paper ID:53, Naoto Shimada (Ritsumeikan University)
  7. Study for MPPT Algorithm with Amplitude Optimization of Periodic Border to DC-DC Converter with Photovoltaic Module
    Paper ID:60, Kenta Shinohara (Okayama University of Science)
  8. Controlling an Unstable Periodic Waveform Using Evolution of Perturbation in Hybrid Dynamical Systems
    Paper ID:61, Shota Uchino (Okayama University of Science)
  9. Hybrid Euler method for discretizing continuous-time tomographic dynamical system
    Paper ID:63, Ryosuke Kasai (Tokushima University)
  10. Human Friendly Safe Driving Support System of Electric Wheelchair Based on Acceleration Information
    Paper ID:71, Yoshiki Sanada (Tokushima University)
  11. Design of 13.56 MHz Class-E Inverter by Using eGaN
    Paper ID:74, Yoshiki Sakurayama (Chiba Institute of Technology)
  12. Correction Method for Numerical Forecast Wind Speed Data of MSM-GPV Using CNN
    Paper ID:75, Daichi Horihata (Tokushima University)
  13. Improvement of bone-conducted speech restoration using linear prediction and long short-term memory model
    Paper ID:77, Huy Quoc Nguyen (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
  14. Switched-Capacitor Circuit Implementation of the Chaotic Neural Network Reservoir
    Paper ID:80, Maakito Inoue (Tohoku University)
  15. Countermeasure against Backdoor Attack on Neural Networks Utilizing Knowledge Distillation
    Paper ID:86, Kota Yoshida (Ritsumeikan University)
  16. A Small Size Oriented Countermeasure against Power Analysis on Low Latency Cryptography Implementation
    Paper ID:88, Shu Takemoto (Meijo University)
  17. Design of Class E^2 DC-DC Converter for Further Miniaturization
    Paper ID:89, Koyo Nagashima (Chiba Institute of Technology)
  18. Workspace Enlargement of Planar Cable Haptic Device using Linear Actuator
    Paper ID:95, Bastien Poitrimol (Tokyo Denki University)
  19. Prediction of Chaotic Time Series by Hybrid FORCE Learning
    Paper ID:100, Masaya Muramatsu (Osaka University)
  20. Transmission Control Method using Hierarchical Clustering in Information-Centric Sensor Networks
    Paper ID:128, Hiroto Michitsuji (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)
  21. Bayer pattern CFA Demosaicking with Channel-Wise Predictive Filter Flow
    Paper ID:129, Taishi Iriyama (Tamagawa University)
  22. Enhancement of Optical Wireless Punctured Turbo Code System in Strong Turbulence Channel
    Paper ID:138, Ran Sun (Ibaraki University)
  23. Black-Box Adversarial Attack Utilizing Quantized Probability Output against Deep Neural Network Classifier
    Paper ID:144, Haruki Masuda (Ritsumeikan university)
  24. Multi-pass content acquisition method using overhear in ICN
    Paper ID:145, Kaede Shinohara (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)
  25. Analytical study on a micro-cantilever probe model with one degree of freedom for atomic force microscopy
    Paper ID:158, Tsugumi Aikawa (Chiba Instiute of Technology)